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First Job

The restaurant industry provides the perfect place for stepping into the working world. In fact, one in three Americans' first job is working at a restaurant.


Restaurants provide opportunities for real world training and a path towards upward mobility for its employees.

We Are Restaurants

Restaurant owners, operators and employees are some of the most motivated, creative and savvy businesspeople in our nation, creating jobs in every community.


As the nation’s second largest private sector employer, restaurants are driving our nation’s economic recovery — and women are leading the way.

America Works Here

America’s restaurants are places where people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to rise from entry level jobs and create their personal version of the American Dream.

Restaurants Give Back

Restaurants are the original social network, bringing people together and helping their communities thrive by supporting local organizations and charitable efforts from coast to coast.

Hispanic Heritage Month

As one-quarter of the restaurant industry workforce, in roles ranging from executive to entry-level, Hispanics are making significant contributions to the economy, their families and their communities.

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