Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanics’ leadership in the restaurant industry / Celebrando el liderazgo de los hispanos en la industria restaurantera

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Celebrating Hispanics’ Leadership in the Restaurant Industry

In communities across the country, restaurants are providing a path to the American Dream, offering people of all backgrounds the opportunity to achieve success. As one-quarter of the restaurant industry workforce, in roles ranging from executive to entry-level, Hispanics are making significant contributions to the economy, their families and their communities.

DID YOU KNOW? Growth in Hispanic-owned restaurants has far outpaced the overall industry.

The restaurant industry provides more opportunity for ownership than virtually any other industry, and the Hispanic population is seizing that opportunity in overwhelming numbers. Between 1997 and 2007, the number of Hispanic-owned restaurant businesses increased 80 percent, as compared to 36 percent for all restaurant businesses.

DID YOU KNOW? Restaurants employ more Hispanic managers than any other industry.

The same holds true for management, supervisory, and chef positions, where Hispanic employees are overrepresented. Roughly one-fifth of restaurant managers and supervisors are Hispanic. In the back of house, 1 in 4 chefs is Hispanic.